Data Driven

Creating a Data Culture

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Succeeding with data isn’t just a matter of putting Hadoop in your machine room, or hiring some physicists with crazy math skills. It requires you to develop a data culture that involves people throughout the organization. In this O’Reilly report, DJ Patil and Hilary Mason outline the steps you need to take if your company is to be truly data-driven—including the questions you should ask and the methods you should adopt.

You’ll not only learn examples of how Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook use their data, but also how Walmart, UPS, and other organizations took advantage of this resource long before the advent of Big Data. No matter how you approach it, building a data culture is the key to success in the 21st century.

You’ll explore:

  • Data scientist skills—and why every company needs a Spock
  • How the benefits of giving company-wide access to data outweigh the costs
  • Why data-driven organizations use the scientific method to explore and solve data problems
  • Key questions to help you develop a research-specific process for tackling important issues
  • What to consider when assembling your data team
  • Developing processes to keep your data team (and company) engaged
  • Choosing technologies that are powerful, support teamwork, and easy to use and learn

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عنوان:  Data Driven
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توضیحات: اثر DJ Patil و Hillary Mison

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